General Services
Periodic general service is very important for the long life of the vehicle. We make sure to cover everything during general service.
Brake Pads
The brake pads will always be given special treatment during the service because it is something that cannot be taken on a lighter note.
First Service
If you feel the breaks are not functioning properly, it is important that you repair it at the earliest & provide you with exact vehicle condition.
The vehicle must be subjected to various inspections to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

About us

Mike Gatto 4 Assembly, is one of the reliable names when it comes to vehicle servicing. We have been in the business for more than a decade. For it is not a job, it is more of a passion that we have towards automobiles. Every day is exciting for us, and we are sure that our dedication is very much evident with our work.

  • There are a few repairs that you do yourself. You do not require the expertise of people like us.

  • There are a lot of heavy duty services that you cannot do. For a lot of things, it needs the expertise of people like us.

Our Services

When it comes to vehicle servicing, we provide people with wholesome services. It does not matter where the issue is minor or major we make it a point to do things without any flaws.

Vehicle Maintenance

Changing oil

When a vehicle runs a particular distance, it is mandatory that the oil needs to be changed. If it is not changed the heat generated will be very high.

Changing Spark Plugs

Good quality spark plug is very important for proper ignition in the engine. If the spark is not functioning properly, there a considerable amount of fuel waste.

Replacing Air Filters

Air filter cleaning is must, and after a point of time, it loses its capacity and hence, it needs to be replaced if it is needed.

From Our Blog

PSA sales slide over first half of 2019

PARIS — French carmaker PSA Group’s vehicle sales fell 12.8% in the first half as emerging markets weighed on its overseas business, challenging the trajectory of the Peugeot manufacturer’s recovery.

Sales fell to 1.9 million light vehicles in January-June, the company said on Monday, from 2.18 million a year earlier.

PSA, which has notched up successive sales and profit records under Chief Executive Carlos Tavares, is due to report full earnings for the period on July 24.

In Europe, its biggest market by far, PSA eked out a 0.3% gain in sales that lifted its share of an automotive market down 2.5% overall. The Opel-Vauxhall business acquired from General Motors in 2017 also gained ground in the region.

“Despite the decline of the global automotive markets for this first half, our commercial teams have managed to increase market shares in several countries,” Tavares said in the company statement.

PSA recorded sharp declines almost everywhere else, however, with deliveries down a further 60.6% in China, where the group has suffered a protracted sales collapse at its joint ventures with local manufacturers Dongfeng and Changan.

Sales volumes were also down 29.3% in a contracting South American market and 68.4% in the Middle East-Africa region – punished by the group’s forced withdrawal from Iran under threat of U.S. sanctions.

After posting a 7.7% operating margin for 2018, PSA’s 4.5% group profitability goal for 2019-21 still looks conservative, with many investors expecting more.

The carmaker’s shares were up 1.2% at 22.29 euros by 0714 GMT.

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BMW 5 Series plug-in facelift spied testing in Europe

The new BMW 5 Series is still fresh in our minds from its recent redesign, but there’s always something new on the way. Today, we bring you spy shots of a slightly revised and electrified version of the 5 Series. We only just got the 530e in America this year, so don’t expect the car you see here to be hot on its heels.

BMW places the charging port flap on the side of the car not seen in the shots here, but the “Hybrid Test Vehicle” sticker gives it away rather easily. We can also see the taped over “eDrive” badge on the rear-most pillar, just like the current plug-in 5 Series has. This particular tester appears to have BMW’s Dynamic Handling package (or some form of that), as we can see the large blue M brake calipers hiding underneath the larger wheels. There’s also an M badge seen taped over, signaling that this BMW may be even hotter than the current electrified sedan out there.

We’re clearly not meant to be able to tell what’s going on with the front end design. If BMW kidney grilles of late are anything to go on, we can expect the grille to grow — we happen to like it the way it is now, though. A new LED DRL signature is visible through the camouflage, mimicking that of the new 3 Series. It looks good on that car, so we’re certainly not disappointed to see it in play on the 5 Series, too. As for the rear lights, they appear to be going through minor changes, but nothing drastic.

We’ll be interested to learn if BMW is making any strides in its battery technology for the updated electrified 5 Series. It’s able to go up to 31 miles on pure electric power now. BMW rates the total system output at 248 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

Expect to see this mid-cycle refresh hit the U.S. market in a year or so for the regular gas-only 5 Series, and then the electrified version should follow closely after that.

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Car repair

5 Tips for Tackling Your First Big Car Repair

Driving downtown and found your car junked in the middle of silent roads? Regretting your capabilities and now want to enhance them from just changing the oil to serious car repairing techniques? Well, there is never too late to learn new things and there is no age to start learning. The better you get yourself a learning experience, the better you would be able to do things you retrieved for. The car repairing technique is not easy at all and with the all the confusions and complexities you might find yourself stuck in the endless path and hence, to save you from such situations below are mentioned few tips you must know before you are an expert in tackling your first car



Do your research

You must know what all components stand for and how are they replaceable. You must know what exactly is the part which is causing the trouble and require the maintenance. With all the wires attaches, without knowing the functionalities of each wire, it is not possible to repair the car and you might also require some knowledge of electronics. You can learn about the tools by going through the aftermarket shop manuals. Though the manuals brief out on the steps but you can find the detailed version over the internet.

Set up your workspace

You need space for such works like a proper garage or some out lawn to stay put and focus on the stuff. You must have room to manoeuvre the engine to hoist otherwise even with the help of masculine people along, it will be like masochist’s game of Tetris. You must make sure you place the car for repair below an elbow level to lower down the physical effort.

Expect it to take time

As you are not a professional and even a professional might take days to repair it, and you must accept the fact. Specially when you are doing it for the first time, your adventure might even last for a month.


Take pictures, make notes and label everything

When you dissemble the parts, being an in-experienced person, you might face a great difficulty in assembling the things all over again. To avoid the confusion and make things organized for yourself, you must mark everything and make notes of them in every possible and suitable manner. This would provide you a path to proceed and might save you a lot of time you might need to sort, earlier.

Make a final checklist

You must know your guidelines and everything you need to accomplish by the end of the completion and for that you must make a checklist to make sure, you have finally achieved all that you planned to.


The Effect Of Porn On Relationships

Don’t let porn drive wedge between you & your partner

(call girl, call girls)

Fearless: Relationships and Porn – Not only is porn detrimental to physical and mental health over time, but if you also take a toll on the natural chemistry in relationships. Especially in relationships where partners don’t see eye to eye on the topic of pornography.

The use of pornography in a relationship where both partners are not okay with its use, creates a wedge that can ultimately lead to further relationship problems if this issue is not addressed and corrected.


How does porn affect relationships, specifically in long-term partners and marriages?


Turn the television or the computer and what do you see, usually pictures of women in provocative or derogatory ways. Right? More and more in our culture we see its becoming an over stimulation of our eyes and all of our senses towards any male or female figure, especially sexually because there’s been this betrayal that not only is the public nakedness.

Okay, but should be fed into an lusted after in incorrect ways. Yes, when discussing Relationships and Porn there can be differences in the relationship of whether one person or another is okay with pornography and the other is not, or whether both are or both aren’t,  it doesn’t matter.

The fact of the matter is, too much pornography is really the problem of what some would call a “porn addiction” which may cause an addiction to masturbation.



Relationships and Porn Don’t Mix Well


Sometimes the addiction or effects of pornography can be so great that the addict cannot become sexually aroused at the sight of real people even when they considered them sexually attractive. Over stimulation or desensitization and an extreme excess of porn will cause sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction in men.


Relationships and Porn-How do you know when enough is too much?


If You Feel Like You NEED Pornography to become aroused or to reach orgasm it’s likely you’ve become addicted to porn.

Well, one thing that I will mention about relationships and porn to couples that uses porn is that if you are using it to spice up your libido or love life-beware.  Too much porn usage in the bedroom can gradually make the problem worse by creating a lack of foreplay or direct intimacy between the two of you.

You can start to see the effects of porn when it comes to actually participating a sexual activity and you find that you are not ready or at your peak performance full or cannot even masturbate or become aroused without it, this is usually a sign of extreme hyper stimulation, mental desensitization and an effect of habitual porn usage.

This is the point where I would say we have a problem with pornography in such a point that it not only affects you but also other partners that you want to participate with in sexual activities.

Relationships and Porn usage really isn’t helping or benefiting the user or their partner over time and the majority of the time it will cause a rift in the relationship due to sexual dysfunction, possible self esteem or jealousy issues, or it has really begun to take a toll on one or both partners life outside of the bedroom.

Plus, it’s not a big ego booster or self-esteem helper to have a sexual dysfunction, but thankfully someone like call girl or call girls is out there helping them.

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